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August 2016

GOO Limited Edition Pre-Order Buyers Progress Report



We’d like to thank all Nels Cline GOO Signature Pedal buyers for their purchase of Nels’ Dream Distortion pedal!

We have had a few questions about the status of buyer’s orders and when the pedal is expected to ship.

GOO Is a Pre-Order:

  • As indicated on GOO’s product page and Nels Cline’s and our social media posts, GOO is a pre-order.
  • Only 250 pieces will be produced for 2016.
  • GOO will be manufactured during September and October with shipping expected to commence through mid-October.

Artist Pedals: Who Will Play GOO?

  • A number of artist pedals will also be manufactured at that time.
  • Look for some great players to start playing GOO!
  • Nels has curated quite a list!

Progress Reports for Buyers:

  • We will keep all pre-order buyers informed via email on the pedals progress on a regular basis.
  • Look for the first buyer’s email to arrive in your inbox during mid-September.
  • Some great surprises are coming!
  • Thank you for your support!!

Choice of GHS BOOMERS Strings?

Buyers will also be asked to decide on their preferred GHS BOOMERS Strings. Nels says “Try the 12s”!

That’s all for now.  Look for your buyers progress report emails soon!

GHS Strings supports Nels Cline’s ICON Series Pedal GOO launch with 250 Sets of GHS BOOMERS!

By Artists, GOO, Press Release

ToneConcepts Inc. is thrilled to announce that GHS Strings is joining us in support of Nels Cline’s new ICON Series Signature Distortion Pedal GOO.

GHS Strings is generously providing 250 sets of GHS BOOMERS ® strings exclusively for GOO Limited Edition Pre-Order buyers.

Nels Cline uses GHS Strings exclusively, and GHS BOOMERS ® 12s specifically, on many of his guitars including his iconic 1959 Fender Jazzmaster.

Buyers of the GOO Limited Edition pre-order (only 250 pieces available) will receive a set of either “Nels Cline’s Choice” (GHS BOOMERS ® 12s) or “their choice” of (GHS BOOMERS ® 10s) courtesy of GHS Strings.

Nels says “Try the 12s!”.

About GHS BOOMERS® Strings:

“Ever since their introduction, GHS Strings BOOMERS ® have been THE POWER STRING, and continue to be the standard for musicians in every musical genre. The nickel-plated steel over a round core gives a bright tone with a powerful attack. BOOMERS ® are the ideal nickel-plated steel string for all of your musical needs.”

Website:  GHS Strings