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Monthly Archives

January 2014

"The Distillery does for my Tele what Wes Montgomery's thumb did for his L-5; it adds body and character while surrounding the tone with a sugary, natural sort of air. It's one of the first gain stages I've used that fully supports me when I'm improvising instead of forcing me to come up with ideas to suit the pedal. I love that it follows my lead and lets me play anywhere on the fretboard without sounding muffled or ice-picky. It's a new mainstay."

Zane Carney on The Distillery

“This is one of my new go-to pedals. If you have an amp that just sounds OK, this pedal can make it sound great!”

Kenny Wayne Shepherd on The Distillery

“The Distillery allows me to get a smooth overdrive and great tone without ripping people’s heads off !!!”

Robert Randolph on The Distillery

“The Distillery makes my amp sound like it was on legal steroids! Thank you ToneConcepts, you’ve done it again!”

Jim Campilongo on The Distillery

“Don’t change a thing! I love it just he way it is! I have it on all the time. It is my favourite pedal!”

David Hidalgo on The Distillery

“Love it!  The sound is killer! It makes my amps sound even better!”

Steve Lukather on The Distillery

“Great tone starts in the hands and with a great guitar and amp. As guitarists, we search our whole lives for something to make things sound better. The Distillery enhances my sound while still allowing the true character of my guitar to shine. It is the best I’ve ever heard or played.”

Vince Gill on The Distillery

“I like to think of The Distillery as having volume knobs for the feel and character of sound. As the name suggests, The Distillery will help extract the purest fundamental elements of your guitar and amp tone and allow you to musically enhance them.”

Dweezil Zappa on The Distillery